At Maximum, we like the word confidence. Insurance is a complex and intricate marketplace. You need a wholesale team who gets up every morning ready to win. We are confident not because we have all the answers, but rather because we know that we can hit challenges head-on and get you the right solutions. Our brokers are tenacious, resourceful and know how to provide the right outcome for your commercial coverage needs.

When we take on a submission, we bet our reputation on delivering. But our passion does not end when the deal is done. We keep you in the loop and make sure that the policy you receive is timely and accurate. Success to us is earning your confidence. Anything less would fall short of our name.

Max Quick Facts

• Maximum Started business in 1998 and is licensed in 50 States
• We Have Both Brokerage & Underwriting Facilities Available

Industry Expertise: Construction, Energy, Gaming, Healthcare,
Habitational, Manufacturing, REITS, Real Estate and Vacant Buildings

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